Terms and Conditions Got Shirts

Acting under Chamber of Commerce number 70526044

Article 1: General

  1. These general terms and conditions apply to all our deliveries and services. The customer is deemed to agree to these terms and conditions by placing his order.
  2. Deviating conditions (verbal or by telephone) only apply if GotShirts has accepted them in writing.
  3. Any conditions of the customer that deviate from these conditions are non-binding unless they have been explicitly confirmed in writing by Got Shirts.
  4. These general terms and conditions are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

Article 2: Prices

All our prices are exclusive of 21% VAT and exclusive of shipping costs. The prices listed on our webshop include 21% VAT.

Article 3: Quotations

Quotations are non-binding and valid for a period of 14 days, unless new prices for the new year are calculated by the supplier during that time. Quotations are based on the requested quantities; if the quantities change, the prices may also change. Quotations do not automatically apply to reorders. Got Shirts may adjust the agreed-upon price if circumstances arise where the order cannot be executed according to the agreement. The customer will be informed of this.

Article 4: Payment

Orders placed through the webshop can be paid online immediately via iDeal. Once payment is received by Got Shirts, the order will be processed. All orders placed through our showroom, by phone, or via email must be paid for upon pickup. The order will only be delivered after payment, unless otherwise agreed upon. If you wish to pay on account, clear arrangements need to be made in advance, and Got Shirts is entitled to charge €7.50 administration fees. For payments on account, the invoice must be settled within 14 days from the invoice date to IBAN account number NL73RABO 313 2832 30. Got Shirts reserves the right to request security from the customer to fulfill payment obligations before processing an order, even if other payment terms were agreed upon earlier. The client placing an order remains responsible for payments at all times, even if the order is placed for another customer. Once orders are ready, they must be collected within 14 days. If the order is not collected within this period, Got Shirts is entitled to send the invoice with a payment term of 14 days. After 14 days, the invoice will be increased by statutory interest. If no payment is received after the final reminder, the debt will be transferred to our collection agency. All resulting costs (both judicial and extrajudicial) will be borne by the customer, as well as the costs in case of a potential bankruptcy application.

Article 5: Delivery

Got Shirts aims to dispatch orders placed through the webshop within 5 working days after receiving payment. If this is not feasible for any reason, the customer will be contacted by phone or email. The delivery time for orders placed through our showroom is typically within 3 weeks. Rush orders are possible upon consultation. Delivery times are subject to the timely and complete receipt of orders by Got Shirts from suppliers. Got Shirts is not liable if the supplier does not deliver on time. Orders are shipped via PostNL, usually within 1 day (in the Netherlands). Got Shirts is not liable for exceeding the indicated delivery times, loss, or damage caused by PostNL. Got Shirt makes every effort to meet agreed-upon delivery times and special requests. If it is not possible to meet these agreements, we are not liable for damages. Compensation is in any case excluded. Ordered goods as well as supplied goods remain the property of Got Shirts until the customer’s payment obligation is fulfilled. The customer is obligated to accept the order if offered. If the customer refuses or neglects to provide delivery instructions, additional costs will be borne by the customer. For certain orders, an over- or under-delivery of 10% is allowed. This depends on the production process. Slight variations in color, size, quality, and/or execution of the order are always possible.

Article 6: Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are available upon request.

Article 7: Returns

All orders are custom-made and printed for the customer. Unfortunately, it is not possible to return or exchange items. If the customer receives an incorrect order, Got Shirts will ensure the correct items are provided. The customer must notify Got Shirts within 7 days of delivery.

Article 8: Modifying or Canceling an Order

If the customer wishes to modify the order after placing it, additional costs may be incurred, depending on the stage of the order. An order can only be canceled free of charge if the items have not been ordered by Got Shirts and if the printing has not been done. Got Shirts has the right to refuse orders if it is known or suspected that the rights of third parties or legal regulations are violated by a print/logo. Article 9: Warranty

Got Shirts guarantees that the delivered items meet the usual requirements and standards and are free of defects. Visible external defects must be reported within 7 days of delivery. If defects occur within 30 days of receipt of the items, the customer can claim the warranty. Got Shirts will then repair or replace the item. If the item is replaced, the replaced item must be returned to Got Shirts. Warranty does not apply if the defect arises due to improper or unauthorized use, if the customer or third parties have made changes (or attempted to do so), or if the customer has not followed the care labels or washing instructions. In cases of doubt, the burden of proof lies with the customer. There is a deductible for customer-supplied items. Got Shirts is not liable for any damages or failures of the print.

Article 10: Liability

A. All products in our range meet strict requirements. Got Shirts cannot be held liable for damages, whether bodily, material, or immaterial, due to incorrect use or faulty functioning of the products.

B. Drawings, images, technical data, descriptions of weights, dimensions, and capacity, included on the website, in brochures, catalogs, mailings, advertisements, or price lists, are informative. Got Shirts cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this information.

C. Got Shirts is not responsible for typing, setting, and printing errors that could inadvertently communicate an incorrect selling price. In such cases, Got Shirts will adjust as soon as possible. Quotations cannot be binding if the price contains a mistake or misprint due to reasonableness and fairness in societal traffic.

D. (PMS) print colors are approximate and may slightly vary.

E. (Screen-printing) transfers may be destroyed after 3 years if not used.

F. The customer guarantees that the data carriers, electronic files, or software provided by the customer are free of viruses and defects. If damage occurs due to files provided by the customer, the customer is liable for the resulting damage.

Article 11: Intellectual Property and Copyright

A. The customer grants Got Shirts the right to use, publish, reproduce, and apply the logo when opening a webshop.

B. Any copyrights or other rights to a logo remain with the customer. The responsibility for these logos lies with the customer.

C. The customer assures that they have designed the logo themselves or do not infringe on third-party rights and/or possess all usage rights, especially trademark, copyright, and design rights. Any infringement of copyright, personality, or trade name rights is fully the customer’s responsibility. The customer will reimburse all resulting costs, including defense and other damages.

D. If the designs/logos provided by the customer have proprietary rights that Got Shirts is not aware of, the customer is fully liable for any consequential damage caused by reproduction or publication by Got Shirts.

E. The customer indemnifies Got Shirts from claims by third parties regarding intellectual property rights on the materials or data provided by the customer, used in the execution of the order.

F. Got Shirts retains the rights and powers it is entitled to under the Copyright Act.

G. The designs, sketches, drawings, films, software, and other materials or (electronic) files created or provided by Got Shirts remain the property of Got Shirts, whether made available to the customer or third parties, unless otherwise agreed upon. They are solely intended for use by the customer and may not be reproduced, disclosed, or provided to third parties without prior permission from Got Shirts, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Article 12: Force Majeure

Got Shirts reserves the right to suspend an order or cancel it without court intervention in case of force majeure. In this case, the customer cannot claim any compensation.

Article 13: Privacy

All personal data collected by Got Shirts are used solely for internal purposes and treated confidentially. They are never provided to third parties, except for payment transactions or order delivery.

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