What is DTF printing?

The DTF system is a relatively new printing technique. With these printers, various substrates can be easily and quickly printed.

The term DTF stands for Direct to Film. The printer directly prints the design onto a transparent film, which is then transferred onto the fabric. These printers allow for high-resolution designs and vibrant colors to be produced on various substrates. Read all about the materials that can be printed using DTF systems in our article.


Due to the reduced water and energy required during the printing process using DTF printers, it is considered a more sustainable method of textile printing than sublimation printing. Additionally, the DTF system produces less waste because no transfer paper is needed.

Furthermore, the print itself is highly durable. It is extremely resistant to wear and tear, waterproof, and can withstand many wash cycles without losing quality. This means that the prints do not fade quickly and retain their vibrant colors for a long time. The prints themselves are also resistant to damage and have a long lifespan.

Finally, there is also the possibility to make more sustainable choices in ink selection. Water-based inks are available, which have no harmful effects on the environment and on the people wearing them.

The transfers from our DTF printers are fully OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 certified! This means that both the PET film, the hotmelt powder, and the inks are free from substances that could be harmful to health, making them safe to use for items such as baby clothing. Take a look at all our DTF systems.

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